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SandS2015: The preparation

Entry No. 1

So Joseph and I have been very busy prepping for the wedding. In the initial stage of the planning, I already told him that I want to put my creative juices to good use, put some personal touch in the preparation, and save some wedding fund at the same time. Simply put, I want to DIY some of our wedding stuff. He politely agreed after weighing the pros and cons of me/us doing the task.


We looked for inspirations/pegs over the internet (I thank God for you PINTEREST). After choosing the BEST (for us) concept, we went to different craft shops/supplies/bookstores, and even to the ever famous Divisoria area to look for materials to be used for our project. After series of mall hoppings and messy+crafty evenings and Saturdays, we were able to finish our first diy aka #tipidhit Save Our Date.

FIRST achievement unlocked.


Same procedure with the Save The Date. We went to different fabric stores and scored the swatches given to us by our Couturier. (Ehem, just want to brag– I was the one who chose the palettes/colors for our Rustic Fall themed wedding. *Wink*)

SECOND achievement unlocked.

Here’s the complete set:


#SandS2015 complete set for our Bridesmaid:

1. Save the date and peg board design by me
2. Shirts for the SaveTheDate from@aniyaclothing
3. Swatch from Printemps
4. Envelope & paper from #Papemelroti
5. Sticker/monogram design by @nrdist#diybride #rusticfallwedding#BetterDaysAhead

Also, here are some posts from our Entourage/Secondary sponsors:





I feel super happy that our “labor of love” came out neat and pretty (specially in pictures).

End of first entry. 🙂


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